Adam Dudziak grew up in a blue collar family and is 1 of 7 children. He went to a Catholic parochial school which helped shape his strong moral convictions to this day. The people of Lake County are responsible, they work hard for their money, and they are proud of their community. That is why Adam, along with his wife Valerie, are raising their 2 children Tommy and Anna in Lake County.

Adam Dudziak has worked tirelessly for the past 16 years in public education including 11 years as an administrator in Mentor School District. Adam is taking up the fight to defend Lake County citizens against corruption and waste of taxpayer dollars by our elected officials.

Adam Dudziak is a fiscally conservative Democrat that believes in small government that represents our working class families; not just the rich and powerful. Adam’s father fought in the Vietnam War as a Marine, Adam believes in the 2nd Amendment, and Adam will support and protect law enforcement to keep Lake County citizens Safe.